Read what our clients have to saying about us:

"I have boarded at many places, and summerwood vet clinic by far exceeds them all! It is clear the staff loved my Labrador, Banjo, and the care in all of their boarding accommodations was very evident. I loved the Pawgress report! Thanks again!" - Lauren.

“Dr McCann is one of those special people that you are extremely fortunate to come across and makes a huge impact on your life. She has such a great heart and always keeps my pets and I happy” – Michelle H.

“This is the BEST vet clinic ever!! ALWAYS quick to help, informative, compassionate, with top quality medical care!!! You are all loved and appreciated!!” –Benita H.

“Dr. McCann and her staff are wonderful with my animals. It is a nice felling when my dogs greet her with a wagging tail. I know that they are in great hands. Dr. McCann and her staff have my full trust in ANY situation. Thank you for all that you do!” – L.A. K

“Thank you Dr. McCann, you just don’t know how grateful I am for all you have done for my furry kids. You and your staff are the best group of people I have ever worked with. I will never forget everything you have done for me and my kids. You and your staff all have such big hearts for all your patience and that is what really warms my heart. You are all so caring about pets and owners. And you take the time to explain things to me, it means so much. Thank you” – Celestine K.

“Something I always notice when bringing my beloved cat in to see Dr. Susan and staff are the levels of compassion from her technicians. My granddaughter works in the vet field and she tells me how hard it is. I commend Dr. Susan for hiring such kind, loving dog/cat nurses! You must be careful who you hire to represent your clinic. She has done a great job!” –Happy Client

“Susan, I would like to thank you again for your kindness concerning our unfortunate situation with our beloved Tyler. Saying goodbye to Tyler was by far the most difficult undertaking of our 20 year marriage. You and your staff made an otherwise impossible undertaking for us bearable. Our appreciation is truly heartfelt.” – Glen T.

“Y’all have been a true blessing in our lives! Dr. McCann and the staff are amazing people who genuinely care about our four-legged children and their well-being. We’d be lost without y’all!!! THANK YOU!!” – Jennifer H.

“Doc and her techs have always been wonderful to my pets and myself. I have referred many clients of mine, friends, and family and we all feel (including our critters) that your care surpasses all others. Thank you for everything!” –Happy Client

“I cannot begin to tell you what an exceptional group you have in the folks at Summerwood. My dog was hit by car last Thursday and it almost completely removed her hind leg. I really wish we would have taken pictures of her miraculous survival and subsequent recovery…all made possible by a wonderful group of committed individuals at summerwood vet clinic.” –Tammy H.

“I wish other practices had the staff that this amazing place has…I always leave with all my questions answered!” – Happy Client

“I have been behavioral training dogs for almost 30 years. I moved to Houston 4 years ago, and when I met Dr. McCann I knew right away she was the perfect vet for all of my animals. She is gentle with both dogs and their humans. She is quick to help out in times of emergency. She directs you to specialists when they are needed. I insist that all of my clients use summerwood vet clinic because I trust them…and I do not hand out trust lightly. They are “connected” to each animal I have ever brought in. I will say that Brent is my very favorite!! I love the way they take the time to “care” for the animals needs as well as “love up on them” making the fell safe in a clinical environment.” –Ann H

“I previously took my dog to a different vet in the area that gave me two options for my situation, a $2000 surgery or euthanasia. There were no other options offered! I came to Dr. McCann for a second opinion. She never offered euthanasia as an option and the cost of surgery with her was much more reasonable! You could also tell that my dog felt safe with her. She even scheduled him for surgery the very next day because she didn’t want him to wait the entire weekend. I will never use another Veterinarian. Dr. McCann is by far the very best Vet I have ever known. Thanks Doc!” – J.W.

“We switched to Summerwood Vet when we moved from Kingwood and I am so glad we did. Dr. McCann is absolutely the best vet we have ever been to. She is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and caring and she takes the time to listen to your concerns about your pet(s). She has, hands down, the best staff in the city! Words cannot express our gratitude for all they have done for our furbabies J Y’all ROCK!” – Edna T.

“Summerwood Vet was great with my older dog, who lived to be 16 years old! And now with my 5 month puppy! The staff is GREAT! And at the same time you’re supporting a local business.” –Cindee V.

“As always we are extremely happy with Dr. McCann and Summerwood Vet Clinic. Dr. McCann and staff seem very interested in listening to our pet concerns and answering all of our questions. I know that Charlie is in great hands every time we have to visit! Thank you for everything you do!!” –Ben & Karen B.

“Susan, I just want to thank you and each of your staff for your compassion to animals as well as their owners. When we moved here to Houston finding a vet was one of my worst fears. Each of your staff took the time to put my mind at ease. They used themselves as an example of how they feel when their own dogs have needed surgery. Your facility is top notch! You are a wonderful vet and you’ve hired a staff that reflects that. I just want you to know how grateful we are” – Happy Client